Siberian Cedar Pendants
from The Ringing Cedars of Russia 
      Siberian Cedar Pendants

According to the Ringing Cedars of Russia organization the "pendant is made from Siberian Cedar which is older than 300 years, it is chosen by one of Siberian elders who have knowledge about healing powers of trees. These Siberian Cedars have positive power, and people who wear the pendant notice an increase in their mental and physical health. Anastasia has found a way to give out the power of a Ringing Cedar to everyone who needs it.  Nobody has cut the Ringing Cedar.   
     Those who wear a small wooden cedar pendant on their chest evoke feelings of love and goodwill in themselves and others. Those people gain talent, creativity aptitude, and luck. Any cedar morsel, given to people by Nature itself (trees are not chopped down to create these pendants). There are many healers who feel this power, but do not forget about your role - the "medallion" is nothing but an accumulator of your Love and your Light, which it gives back to you whenever you need it." 
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